Men's Size Chart

Label Size Chest Waist
2XS 29.92~31.89 24-26


S 33.86~35.83 28-30
M 35.83~37.80 30-32
L 39.76~41.73 32-33
XL 39.76~41.73 33-35
2XL 41.73~43.70 36-38


What's the best fit for my body?

We get asked this a lot, so we summarized the essentials for you below

1. What's your body type?

For men, we categorized 3 body types, please note that these are general guidelines. The 3 body types are: "Ectomorph", "Endomorph" and "Mesomorph".

Ectomorph: Average muscle, proportionate body type, lean body, lower body fat. A common example of an Ectomorph would be Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, Justin Bieber and most cross-fit runners.

Endomorph: Higher body fat OR shorter, with average muscle mass. A common example of an Endomorph would be The Weeknd, Post Malone or Lil Pump

Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built. A common example would be A$AP Ferg, or 50 cent.

2. How should I size my clothing?

Assuming you already know your clothing size, or at least generally if you know that you're an XL, or a S etc. the next thing to consider is the item and the style. The style is left to your own discretion, but we created a guideline depending on what you're wearing. 

For Jackets anything without a hood, you should size up 1 to 2 sizes, the smaller your frame, the more room you have to size up. 

For Hoodies bigger is always better, we suggest going up at least 2 sizes, if you're an Ectomorph, you may find that staying true to your size will look just as good

For Tees the inverse rule of Jackets applies, the smaller your frame, the closer to your size is more acceptable unless you're looking to rock a Yeezy-style oversize.