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Top 10 Men's Fashion Tips

Top 10 Men's Fashion Tips

1. Find a good tailor and make sure you visit him often.  A poor fitting jacket or suit can be the death of you.

2. Pulling a bow tie off is pretty difficult. Know your limitations and don't do it unless you can.

3. Don't forget to accessorize your pants with a belt.  Beltless pants end up falling to the floor, and just looking like they're missing something.

4. Get yourself the proper size jeans--nobody likes a diaper butt unless you are a 2 year old toddler.  Jeans stretch with wear, so if they feel a little tight when you are buying them, they are most likely the correct size.

5.  Collared button down short sleeve shirts are just almost impossible to pull off unless you are Justin Timberlake, the UPS guy, or the Good Humor ice cream man--but even HE looks dorky in them.

6.  Accessories can make or break you.  Stick to one item of "flair"--be it a hat, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring.

7. Hair can also make or break you, invest in a good haircut and some product, not at a barber, at a stylist!

8. White tube socks should only be worn to the gym.  I wish my husband would take note of this tip…

9. Get rid of your pleated pants.  Flat front pants are modern and the way to go for ANY body type.

10. Learn how to iron, or have someone do it for you. No one likes a wrinkled mess.