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The Difference Between Fashion & Style

Fashion is what is currently in fashion right now. The fashion magazines, advertisements or the fashion runways you see are fashion. It usually is the newest creations made by designers and are bought by only a few number of people.
Fashion is very versatile. It keeps on changing. Things that are fashionable tend to go out of fashion by next year, or next season, or even next week.

However, Style, on the other hand, is unique to everyone. This is the person’s own opinion, their own choice in clothes and accessories. Style is something that has been modified and customized on an individual level to suit each person’s own personality and body. It is considered more permanent and timeless compare to fashion.

Little advice:

I have always suggest people to develop their style, this is their remarkable icon. Don’t keep chasing the current fashion. Because it may not that suitable for you. Ask yourself, who are you? What do you like? What makes you different?

Finding your own style is very simple if you know yourself enough and accept yourself. Embrace your age, appearance, height, weight; knowing your interest, favorite culture, etc. Find an unique way to carry out yourself, it can be an unique way of speaking, an unique paring of accessories or an unique hairstyle.

If you want to see more on how people dress stylish with their own personality, you can search: Fashion week street style . I am sure you will gain a lot of inspiration there!!

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