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Men's Fashion (From a Woman's Perspective)

Men's Fashion (From a Woman's Perspective)

Defying the culture and setting new traditions

From dressing up well to experimenting with your looks, fashion is all about feeling good and confident about yourself. Following the footsteps of others is easy but coming up with something unique and setting your own rule is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because of the huge scope it has, fashion changes rapidly and following everything that is considered new in market is definitely not possible.

  • Men’s fashion these days

Well as for men, of course they don’t have many options when it comes down to dressing up so most of them go for experimenting with their looks. Growing a beard and getting it trimmed in various styles is definitely “in” these days. From simple long facial hairs to zig-zag designs, men are taking their fashion to a whole new level and this does not stop here only, along with getting their beards styled, guys are now trying out different patterns on their head too.

From the Mohawk style to being inspired by Ronaldo’s hair cut, men are not stopping on just the simple straight hairs. Even kids these days are literally demanding to be styled just so they can too look “cool”.

  • Fashion is much more than dressing up well

One day you wake up and watch men wearing jeans way below their waist line and the other day you observe guys wearing faded and torn jeans that make them look cool. Because of the fast changing trend, sticking to one style is out of question. Fashion is just not restricted to your clothes or haris, smoking cigarettes and pipes too has become common amongst the youngsters these days.

Holding a cigar or sucking smoke out of a pipe is too considered “cool” and trendy” now a days. Those who do not do it are looked upon as boring and inferior. Whatever trend it may be, something that is followed by the majority becomes fashion not matter how bad it looks on you or is for your health. Switch on the TV and you would be shocked to see men wearing more feminine dresses just because this is the “new” trend. Some even don’t shy away from putting on makeup and lipstick because the circle that they are part of accepts guys this way only.

  • Breaking the norms

Fashion is all about moving out of your comfort zone and breaking the norms. Things that have been followed since thousands of years, it is definitely time to change them and coming up with your own designs and an idea is what sets the new trends. As for men, they are trying to break stereotypes in the present and coming up with things that have never been seen before. From clothes to hairstyles, men are experimenting with the options they have and are trying to come up with ideas that are unique in their own ways. Although being a part of fashion and following it is important but make sure you do things that makes you confident and comfortable.