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"Kanye West Isn't A Republican" -A Republican

"Kanye West Isn't A Republican" -A Republican

Kanye is not a republican. At this point in time, I’m pretty sure half the people who claim to be republican (Which I have not heard Kanye do anyway) do not actually hold republican values. They just think they do, without ever actually comparing what the actual republican values are to their opinions or stances, because they agree with a business stance or something which is waiving the “republicans unite” banner, all the while investing heavily in working and influencing government laws as aggressively as possible in its favor, to do things such as say minimize future competition or corporate threats rather than letting their business duke it out in the market.

That being said-

Kanye just likes going against the grain. His wife flat out said that. If he is in NY where gun control is pushed, then let the bullets flow free.

If he is in Kentucky, then there are too many people poppin shots off.

If he is in Florida…

He shouldn’t ever go back to Florida.

He’s THAT guy. Trump + Media Attention = Kanye Catnip.

To him, what he believes he is doing is pushing the minorities to stand up and push back for what they believe in- Whoop-di-scoop-di-poop.

No- I did not just have a seizure. Those are his original lyrics to his new song, which BBC uncharacteristically said was “filled with nonsense lyrics”.

Ye vs The People.

(For those that not aware, that’s like the BBC equivalent of Anderson Cooper telling someone to “Go f*** themselves.”)

I mean the freaking title basically announces that he wants whatever it is that other people do not want.

Poopy-di scoop. Scoop-diddy-whoop.

That’s it. Those are his original lyrics to his new song. All of them. Everything else in the song he took/copied from other people.

Every phrase of his own essentially says poop.

Me Vs Everyone else. Poop.

That is, at its core essence, the entire song.

That’s Kanye.

He takes “Everyone else is wrong and I am right” to a whole new level, because he’s literally against every stance. If someone changes their stance to agree with him- They are still wrong and he is still right. Poop.

“If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck… Then its poop.”

-Kanye West

I mean I can’t even…

I think someone in a different answer said something about Kanye being born white. Maybe that was a different question.

If he HAD been born white, he would’ve had the reddest of red hair, and been someones step child.

So- I’m actually fairly confident at some point that he is going to run for political office.

I am also fairly confident he is a gay fish.

He will be the opposite of a typical politician, who generally tries to phrase things in a way that agrees with as many people as possible. He will be the guy that says “No you’re wrong” to everyone.

HOPEFULLY- People don’t start up with nonsense about “having the courage to tell people they’re wrong and go against the status quo and not buy in to the political establishment” or some BS like that.

(Don’t get me wrong- those aren’t bad things… But they are, when in reference to Kanye running for politics.)

LUCKILY we now know how to control him should this day ever come-


just tell him the opposite of what you want…